Another vacation, another missed prompt. I’m making several writing related resolutions, and I’m going to post them here to add that extra bit of accountability:

  1. Complete fifty-two prompts and writing samples. The last sample won’t actually be up until January 4th, 2013, but since the prompt goes up in 2012, it’s part of the resolution. This will require me doing certain weeks ahead of time in order to make sure vacations, weddings, and NaNoWriMo don’t interrupt my progress.
  2. Finish the re-write of Angel Falls (this will require starting the re-write, of course). I’d like to have this draft finished by the end of February, but I’m going to play it safe and make my goal the end of March.
  3. Attend writing conventions.
  4. Get a book (whether it’s Angel Falls or something else entirely) to the point where I can start looking for agents or editors.
  5. Read at least fifty-two books this year.
  6. Begin work on Glorious Quest. While this is a video game project, it will require a significant amount of writing, and could ultimately be beneficial in my attempts to get published.

Does anyone else have any resolutions they’d like to share?

Good luck and good writing!