This week’s book is At the Crossing Places by Kevin Crossley-Holland. It’s the sequel to The Seeing Stone

There’s not much I can say about the plot without giving too much away about the first book. Arthur has to learn to deal with the revelations from the end of the first book. As the title suggests, this is a very transitory stage in Arthur’s life, even more than usual for a coming of age story.

The story’s level of focus both increases and decreases. Arthur’s story meanders less than it did before. He has an important goal now to focus on, and a few slightly smaller goals as well. But the chapters that take place in the seeing stone have changed format a bit. Arthur-in-the-stone has become an adult, while Arthur is still a child. The story stops following King Arthur directly, spending much more time on his knights and their famous quests. The book suggests that the parallels between what happens in the stone and what happens in Arthur’s life are still there, but with a few exceptions, they’re much more subtle, and I have a feeling I missed more than I noticed.

I enjoyed this book more than the first one, I think, largely due to Arthur’s increased focus. If you didn’t enjoy the first book, though, I wouldn’t recommend the sequel.