The Ember King hurled the ball as far as he could. A defender leapt to bat it out of the air, but flinched from the heat surrounding the football. A diminutive form leapt up over several large superheroes to snatch it out of the air. But when she saw the men waiting for her to land, she froze, no longer falling at all.

A yellow flag was thrown, and Lark slowly lowered herself to the ground. Although her face was covered, her body language made it clear she was pouting.

The referees met very briefly before announcing. “Offensive foul! Flying! Fifty yard penalty!”

“I got scared,” Lark said.

“Don’t worry,” Raven, who was coaching the team, said. “Just try to remember in the future.

“Fourth down on the hundred and fifty yard line,” the Ember King said, trying not to sound sour about it. If Lark had landed properly, they would have been within scoring distance. There was no point in getting mad at Lark over it, he reminded herself. She was doing her best, and her powers made up for the occasional foul.

Considering they were going up against a professionals from the Super Football League, they were doing pretty well. And the charity pledges people had made to see the members of the Global Defense League play against the SFL all-star team.

“Field goal?” the Iron Warrior asked.

Captain Soldier just laughed. “Come on, Warrior. Giving up, just because the odds are impossible? That’s just not the Defense League’s way!”