“Greetings, my fellow adventurers!” Byron, Hero of Brightvale said. “It doth my spirits good to find you all hale and hearty.”

The High Elf, T’eira, Bearer of the Holy Light took both his hands in hers. “’Tis seeing you again that lifts my spirits, dear Byron. These days spent apart are most melancholy indeed.”

“This in’t th’ time fer this,” said Ghim, Orc-Slayer. “Why ha’ ye called us here, Byron?”

“Aurora, princess of Amonera and jewel of the seven kingdoms of Brightvale, has been captured by the dark warlock Kavdar! He plans to sacrifice her to gain ultimate power. We must hurry, ere he finished the ritual and dear Aurora’s life.”

“A princess, eh?” Blackraven, the Heartbreaker grinned. “I’m sure I can find some way for her to show her gratitude.”

“Thou shan’t speak of her highness with such an uncouth tongue,” Byron said, his hand gripping his sword.

T’eira pouted. “Pay him no mind. We shall rescue the princess at once, if it so important to thee.”

Byron turned, falling to one knee in front of the elf. “Doubt me not, my love. I respect the princess for her station, and her great works in protecting the seven kingdoms, but my heart belongs to none but thee.”

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx laughed. “LOL! she gets captuerd every week done this quest liek 50 times”

“Could ye nae roleplay fer all o’ fi’ seconds?” Ghim growled.

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx slapped Ghim. “talk english i cant understand u”

Hefting his axe, Ghim glared at xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx. “Ye ken I’ve killed men fer pettier insults than tha’.”

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx made a rude gesture. “bring it. im top pvper on this server.”

“Why must this crude villain be forced upon us?” T’iera cried. “E’en Blackraven looks positively noble upon contrasting them.”

“I think I might be offended by that,” Blackraven said.

“’Tis guild law, my love,” Byron said, taking her hands in his once more. “We needeth his skills of inflicting damage upon our enemies if we hope to complete this quest. Blackraven alone cannot vanquish the foes whilst Ghim and I hold them back. And the charter speaketh clearly. If a companion is called for, any offer of help from a fellow guild member must be accepted.”

“He should be struck from the guild.”

“I hath petitioned Lord Galven many times, but he does not speak untrue about his skills at dispatching the villainous warriors of Darkvale. Our Lord doth value this skill enough to overlook his… eccentricities.”

“You mean the fact that he refuses to RP on an RP server?!” she said, glaring at xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx.

“Do not let him get to you, my love,” Byron said.

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx laughed. “LOL! u know she’s a dewd, right?”

“T’iera’s a guy?” Blackraven whispered, so only Ghim could hear.

“Yeah,” Ghim replied. “He doesn’t even hide it on the OOC forums. I thought everybody knew.”

“I don’t go to those forums. It makes it harder to stay in character.”

“I hope this won’t stop you from hitting on T’iera. He loves bantering with you.”

“Oh, no way. That’s way too much fun to stop. Trust me, if I was homophobic, I wouldn’t be hitting on girls all the time.” The rogue winked at the dwarf.

Byron drew his sword, pointing it at xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx. “I’ll not let thou cast such aspersions upon my lady!”

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx spat on Byron. “duel or stfu we doin thus quest or not”

“Thy grammer is as horrid as thy lack of punctuation. I have not the time to quarrel with thee. Let us journey on.”

xXx_wyld_luvver_xXx poked Byron. “ur in love with a guy! gay! homo! LOL!”

“You know what’s really funny?” Ghim said, so softly it only reached Blackraven’s ears.


“Bryon is gay. He’s dating T’iera in real life.”