“This has to be the silliest thing I’ve ever done,” Sparrow said, tugging up on her bodice. She knew it fit properly, but between the low cut and the bare shoulders, she felt like it was going to fall off at any second.

Cappy laughed. “Everything you say just shows what a rookie you are.”

“Also that she’s never been to a ren fair before,” Eyes said. He finished his sewing, and held the finished product out to Cappy. “This should finish the outfit quite nicely.”

Cappy draped the black cape over his shoulders, and nodded appreciatively at his reflection in the mirror. He was wearing black armor, with a black tunic over that. The blood-red lion on his chest was the only color. Cappy always looked like a thug, but this brought an entirely new level of danger to him.

At the same time, seeing him without his trademark baseball cap somehow made him seem less menacing at the same time.

Eyes was wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt, but a regal looking ensemble sat on a dressing dummy in the corner.

Sparrow adjusted her dress again. “I’m surprised Juggler’s not playing the lord.”

“I almost wish he was,” Eyes groaned. “Sewing all those bells on his jester’s costume is going to be a pain. Although I do have to admire hiding the infamous Juggler as a juggler.”

Cappy shrugged. “He always gives himself the lower roles when he can. The butler, the janitor, the fool. He likes being able to stand in the middle of things without anyone noticing.”

“It’s why he gets along with Mist so well,” Eyes said, pulling some bright green and red fabrics over to him. “She loves to be the center of attention.”

“Before you start that,” Sparrow said, pulling on her bodice again. “Does this have to be so low-cut?”

“Look, we need you to be as distracting as you can be,” Eyes said with a smirk, “and you’re not giving me a lot to work with. Honestly, with how some women dress at these things, I’m not sure I cut it low enough.”

Her cheeks flushed. “If you cut it any lower, it’d fall off for sure! No!” she added, when Cappy and Eyes exchanged glances.

“It would be distracting,” Cappy said, as if this were a reasonable suggestion.