Timmy’s First Step

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Timmy let go of the couch, wobbling slightly, but staying upright. He was getting good at this whole ‘standing’ thing. He got lots of smiles and excited noises from Mommy and Daddy whenever he did it, too.

Mommy smiled this time, too. Timmy smiled back.

“Ga,” he said and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

Mommy knelt down and made cooing noises. Timmy liked cooing noises. He wanted to go over to Mommy, but he had just stood up.

Could he move like Mommy and Daddy did? He chewed on his fingers while he thought about it. They didn’t have to sit down every time they wanted to go somewhere.

He slid a foot forward, just a little bit, then a little bit more. That seemed far enough, but what should he do next? He waved his arms around a bit. That was always fun. It didn’t seem to help much, though.

He made some noises, and wiggled around a bit. That didn’t help either.

Could he move his other foot? He could! He moved it up to his first foot, and now he was standing in a different place!

Mommy got very excited then. She gave Timmy a really big smile! She even called for Daddy. If he kept doing this, could he get to Mommy without crawling at all?

He was still wondering that when he fell forward. Oh well, it had been a fun adventure.

Daddy came in then, looking excited. Maybe he’d smile and make fun noises at Timmy, too. He crawled over to Daddy.

Daddy smiled, but it wasn’t the big smile like Mommy gave him. Timmy wondered why not.

Then his hand landed on Mr. Bunny, who laughed. Timmy liked Mr. Bunny. He was soft and made lots of noise.


Prompt: Baby Steps

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This week’s prompt is inspired by Henry and Shawn’s ever increasing mobility.  Write about a child learning to walk.

Good luck and good writing!