Erania’s First Day

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Erania watched the girl crying in the garden. She knew she shouldn’t be happy, but she was. Stacey was her first assignment, and she was eager to prove herself.

She quickly looked over the eleven-year-old girl’s files one last time. They were pretty thin (Faelicia, Stacey’s previous fairy godmother, was not big on notes), but it looked like the pretty standard fairy godmother fare. Stacey’s mother had died when she was very young. Her father remarried, but died himself a few years ago, leaving her in the care of her stepmother. There was a small “DNK” scrawled next to that paragraph, but Erania had never had the chance to ask what that meant.

One of Stacey’s tears glimmered as it fell through the air. When it struck the ground, light burst forth, and Erania materialized into the human world. The effect was spoiled slightly when she tripped over Stacey.

“Sorry, sorry,” Erania said, helping the girl up to her feet. “You’re all right, aren’t you?”

“Um, who are you?” Stacey asked.

“I’m your fairy godmother. I’m here to make your dreams come true.”

Stacey’s eyes brightened. “Can you fix Laruen’s necklace, then?”

Erania blinked. “What?”

Stacey flushed, not meeting the fairy’s eyes. “I’m not supposed to play with her stuff, but I was just trying it on, and the clasp broke. Can you fix it?”

“Um… I guess so, but that’s a bit… small, don’t you think? Don’t you have any bigger problems I could help with? I could make you a beautiful gown.”

Stacey rubbed one foot against the other. “I guess, if you really want to. But Mom just bought me one. It’s really pretty. I think it’d hurt her feelings if I got another one.”

“You… you already have one? Well, I can help you get into the ball.”

“Thanks, but Christine said that everyone who’s coming of age in the next year gets to ride in these fancy carriages so they can be presented to the king and queen.”

“But I could turn mice into horses,” Erania said. She had scored very well on animal transformations, and was really hoping she could find a way to show that off.

Stacey thought about that for a moment. “What if the mice don’t like being horses? What if they’d rather be mice? I don’t think mice would make very good horses anyway.”

“I could help you catch the eye of the prince!” Erania was getting desperate at this point. This wasn’t going the way she expected at all.

“Mom says she’s talking to the Elwins about engaging me to their son, Darren, once I turn twelve. He’s really nice. We went horseback riding together. Besides, I think the prince is getting married this fall. Oh! If you really want, you could make me a dress for that. I’m sure Mom wouldn’t mind that. Could you make one for Lauren and Christine, too?”

Erania admitted defeat. She smiled wearily. “I guess everything’s fine, then. It’s sweet of you to think about your stepsisters like that.”

Stacey stared at her. “What do you mean?” she asked, a nervous tone creeping into her voice.

“And modest, too,” Erania said. “It must have been hard for you, your father marrying another woman after your real mother died. Having to be raised by a woman who isn’t even related to…” She trailed off, seeing a fresh batch of tears fill the girls eyes.

Stacey tried futilely to blink back the tears for a moment, then ran into the house, yelling “Moooooom!”

Erania watched the girl leave, completely at a loss for what had just happened. Then, quite suddenly, she realized that “DNK” must have stood for “Does Not Know.”


Prompt: First Day as a Fairy Godmother

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This week’s prompt is to write about a Fairy Godmother on her first day of the job.

Good Luck and good writing.