Ginny’s Birthday

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Ginny looked at the cake, then up at Aaron.

“Papa, why is the food on fire?”

“It’s not the food that’s on fire,” he explained. “It’s the candles.”

“Oh,” the gorilla said, still sounding a little confused. “Why are the candles on fire in the food?”

“Do you know what day it is?”

Ginny shook her head, but Darla barked for attention.

“I know! I know!” she said excitedly, her tongue lolling out of one side of her mouth. “It’s Ginny’s birthday! Was I right? Was I right?”

Aaron looked at the golden retriever in surprise. “Yes, you are. How did you know that?”

“Uncle Terry told me. He said that Ginny was born on April sixth, and that’s today. An’ Tiffany was born on the twenty-fifth. An’ Wendy was born two days after that, an’ Lisa wasn’t born for a whole ‘nother month.”

It wasn’t entirely surprising that Darla knew so much. A lot of her pack mentality had remained in her during the uplift, and she payed a lot of attention to things that affected her sisters. He was a little surprised that she could remember dates so well. Most of the animals still had problems with any level of abstraction when it came to numbers.

“Do you know when you were born?”

She closed her mouth, whining slightly as she tried to think of an answer. “Um… after Ginny, ’cause she’s the oldest… but before Tiffany, ’cause she’s younger than me…” She whined louder in what Aaron knew to be a sign of frustration.

“You were born on April nineteenth,” he told her. He’d have to pay attention to that in the future. Her interest in the other animals was one thing, but it was possible the uplifting process had impaired her sense of self-identity.

“April nineteenth,” she repeated, then looked up at him with doleful eyes. “Can I have a treat?”

“We’re going to have a party, and that means a lot of treats. Go get your sisters and Uncle Terry, and we can get started.”

“Okay!” Darla said, racing out of the room.

“What are those?” Ginny said, pointing to a pile of brightly wrapped boxes.

“Those are your presents,” Aaron told her, “You can open them after we eat.”

“What’s in them?”

He laughed. “Well, you have to open them to find out. That’s the point in a present.

Tiffany was the first to saunter into the room. She looked at the cake, then at Aaron. “Mine?”

“No!” Ginny said. “It’s my birthday so it’s my cake!” She grunted aggressively at Tiffany. The tiger growled in return.

“Both of you calm down,” Aaron said. “Tiffany, this is Ginny’s birthday, so be nice to her. You’ll have your own birthday in a couple of weeks. You wouldn’t like her cake, anyway. We made a special cake for each of you. But Ginny, you need to learn to share more.”

Both the tiger and the gorilla looked away.

“We found her, we found her,” Darla and Wendy sang as they entered flanking Lisa. Once they pounced Tiffany, the young leopard glanced at the cameras, then slunk behind the couch to hide.

“Ready for the first televised uplifted animal birthday party?” Terry said, grinning and waving at the cameras as he entered.

“Bit of a mouthful for the promo spot,” Aaron said, dryly. He walked over to Terry and lowered his voice. “I know the producers wanted the party hats, but I’ve already had to defuse one situation already, and you know they’d all be clawed apart or eaten within five minutes anyway, so can we just skip that?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll smooth it over later. Ginny’s going to have to wear one for the photo-shoot tonight, though.”

“Ginny’s not the one I’m worried about, but you have to explain it to Tiffany when it’s her turn later this month.”

Terry chuckled. “All we need to do is point out how great Ginny’s shoot went, and she’ll find a way to put the hat on herself.” He clapped his hands. “Okay, Ginny, make a wish and blow out the candles!”

Ginny paused for a moment. “I want a hug,” she said, then added “And a dollie.”


Prompt: Happy Birthday

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Since my birthday was yesterday, this week’s prompt is to write a birthday scene.

Good luck and good writing!